The Blackberry Ten Job, Part 2

Jacob's rendezvous with Vin within the walls of Inish Medical's headquarters yielded chilling truths. Vin's sister Ruth Inish had vast plans for the whole world. And the team found itself headed for Romania, where they needed to find Vin's ex-boyfriend, smuggler lord King Valentin.

Also, Vin got in Jacob's pants. And took a bite.

CAMPAIGN STATS following the 3 November 2013 session
Sessions: 12
Countries visited: 8
Covers blown: 11
Heat: 4
Highest Heat level: 6
Infiltrations: 9
Foot chases: 3
Car chases: 1
Fights: 8
Shots fired: 14
Human Vampires destroyed: 4
Canine Vampires destroyed: 21
Conspyramid Nodes discovered: 8
Conspyramid Nodes destroyed: 0
XP awarded: 24

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