Something I wanted to point out to my players, based on a discussion with Ivan:

Don't feel obligated to spend all your Cover and Network points right away on covers and contacts that you think up for your character. Not yet.

You can assume you have lots of irrelevant covers too, just for flavour. You only need to spend points on the ones that have to pass a security screening, during the actual session.

Same goes for Network contacts. You might have lots of irrelevant idiots you know all over the place. Just spend points on the ones who will actually end up being useful for operations.

If you've created cover identities and network contacts already, you can take back the points from them first. They only come into play once you actually draw upon them to use against the enemy. That's when the number of points on them becomes an issue. Don't worry, I'm flexible when it comes to this kind of thing.

- the Director

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