I ran RPG demos for college students at UTAR Petaling Jaya yesterday! The Introduction to RPGs workshop lasted two hours and involved five students (10 registered but for some reason only half showed). I ran Night's Black Agents: Excess Baggage by Kevin Kulp and Trail of Cthulhu: Ritual Pursuits by Steve Dempsey. The former lasted just 40 minutes, while the latter took an hour altogether.

All the players were engaged and quite excited about the whole thing. Desperate measures were attempted, such as calling Network contacts when confronted with a ticking suitcase nuke, and reverse-engineering summoning spells during melee combat. New players will try anything, because they don't know better.

Interesting uses of Abilities the new players tried:
- Using Network to call a local gangster to intervene in the car chase in Excess Baggage.
- Using Data Recovery to pull up nuke blueprints to aid in disarming the suitcase nuke.
- Use of Athletics to throw handcuffs around from one teammate to another in the Trail of Cthulhu scenario
- The team doctor tried stabbing just about every opponent with a tranquilizer needle in Trail of Cthulhu - including a Nightgaunt and a mad sorcerer. He even succeeded with the latter.

I moved Excess Baggage from Krakow to Barcelona's Gothic Quarter to help ease language problems - the pregenerated characters could not speak Polish, but a couple could speak Spanish. In Ritual Pursuits, I had the Nightgaunt drop a car on the PCs to get them moving when they spent too long in the farmhouse. Those were the main differences.

I hope the participants will get a chance to explore RPGs further in the future. Most bookstores here don't carry much apart from some old D&D 4th Edition and Pathfinder stock. And finding more people to play with can be a challenge, which is why we founded Gamers of KL in the first place...

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