The Stylish Terrorist Job, Part 1

Acting on intel from the new Russian guy Nikolai from St. Petersburg, Sami, Misha, Nikolai and Zlatan shop for a fast boat, weapons, C4, thermite, lowlight tactical gear and propeller-arresting metal net, so we can intercept and steal a whole cargo vessel en route to Cardiff.

While speaking in bad English.

Aboard are doggies in ultra-secured cages. Vampire doggies.

Sessions: 9
Countries visited: 7
Covers blown: 11
Heat: 6
Highest Heat level: 6
Infiltrations: 7
Foot chases: 3
Car chases: 1
Fights: 8
Shots fired: 13
Human Vampires destroyed: 4
Canine Vampires destroyed: 1
Conspyramid Nodes discovered: 5
Conspyramid Nodes destroyed: 0
XP awarded: 18

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