On Friday I'm running The Leningrad Auction House Job, a scenario of my own design, for some of my friends. But first, we'll kick off with fifteen minutes of mayhem in Krakow, Poland. It's Excess Baggage, a demo scenario by Kevin Kulp. Since I want to get my friends up and running as fast as possible, we'll also be using the excellent pre-gen characters from Kevin's scenario.

I'll put up a report as soon as I can...yes, and I'll be completing my Eurovision report, too.
We're not dead, we're just a bit busy, what with our recent Trail of Cthulhu demo session and other upcoming projects like this one-shot for Night's Black Agents.

The ship comes from vectorartbox.com and the St. Petersburg skyline was traced from a free stock image by Sutashiku on www.stockfreeimages.com.

Khairul Hisham wraps up the current story arc of the campaign with this blog post on Hishgraphics. Great writing, Hish! And thanks for the awesome art!

My version of the report is coming soon...

- the Director

Illustration © Khairul Hisham